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Wednesday, July 15

Team Arctic 2009

A BSES expedition is formed of one or more 'fires'. A Fire is a group of people that historically would hold 12 people in total as this was the number that the founding member of the society, Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick , believed fitted best around a camp fire.

The Fires were decided at the beginning of the expedition and now appear here:

1. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
(Mountaineering first, kayaking second)
James Oldham
James Leadill
David Russell
Rowan Ellwood
Emma Jennings
Alex Bennion
Nahom Kagnew
Will Gibson
Lucy Phillips

2. Drittunge
(Mountaineering first, kayaking second)
Gabby Sherry
Laura Gribble
Rose Matheson
Tasha Twine
Katie Gaffney
Laura Tyler
Callum Harris
Alistair Clark

3. The BBMT Crew
(Kayaking first, mountaineering second)
Emma Jennings
Clem Jolly
Holly Curson
Danielle Metcalfe
James Abbott
Trou Delaney
Nathan Sharps

4. Man Mountain
(Kayaking first, mountaineering second)
Izzy Robinson
Luke Wotton
Peter Brooks
Rachael Wood
Ruth Talliss
Sam Driver

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