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Monday, July 20

Arrival in Norway

Just a quick note to let you know that everyone has arrived safely in Alta and will be moving to the expedition area shortly.


  1. Great to hear all have arrived safely. Good luck to everyone, especially Alistair, Katy & Callum!

    I am looking forward to reading more updates.

  2. I am delighted that you have all arrived safely,and I hope that the expedition is a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. However if, as I suspect, Sam has inadvertently taken the TV remote control with him can someone encourage him to press the Channel 3 button before 9 O'clock as I was hoping to watch Car Crime UK.

  3. Good luck Laura - we'll keep watching the blogs to see how you get on. John, Becki, Sam & Emily

  4. Hi there Callum, how are you enjoying Norway?
    I hope you are enjoying yourself. We are currently in Greece. It is really warm here, but nice.
    Good luck to everyone there.
    Fraser, Mum and Dad

  5. Hi Luke - how's the food? Hope you are having a great time. Good luck to you and everyone on the expedition.

    Dad, Mum, Ollie and Erin

  6. Great to hear all arrived safely - Gabby hope your having a great time - Harry and Josh send their love - Mom, Dad, Holly, Steve and Charlotte. Hope that sleeping bag is warm enough!!

  7. will! hey, whats it like out there, not too cold? my ears r still ringing from wickerman fest, twas rly fun dancing in the club tents.

    mam, dad n harry say hi - tho hes in austria n hope the venture goes well for everyone

  8. Bon says lick

  9. Your a week in and we still haven't had a postcard. But best wishes anyway Sam from Kenny Hobday, Bob Catchpole and all the lads at the East Smethwick branch of the Society for the advancement of global cultural exchange through the medium of international darts.

  10. I have been looking at the expedition map provided on the blog on Monday 27th. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but in the expedition base camp area there is a large green tent the size of Billy Smarts Circus.

  11. Hey Kag! You'll be pleased to know that you're not missing out on the good weather, but Mum and Cal are insisting on heading out into the hills over the next few days anyway. Nutters! Mind you, at least they're not braving the arctic seas... ;P

    Missing you! Love from all of us. See you in two and a half weeks! xxx

  12. Nick Moleman - Expert Glaciologist29 July 2009 at 20:07

    Hello team, Sam in particular.
    I was doing some studies lately and something quite serious came to my attention.
    Most people will tell you that the average glacier has a max speed of 2-3 metres a day. However, recent tests now tell us that this speed has increased to 2-3 miles a day. This puts you in imminent danger.
    Using google maps I have discovered that your base camp appears less than 10 miles from the glacier. In four days you will be under a sheet of ice.
    Sam, save yourself. And your pen knife.

  13. Hi Lucy Glad you all made it and are having an amazing time.Hope you enjoy the kayaking. The Coates are on a cruise near you so have told them to look out for stranded kayakers!Miss you but know that you having a fantastic experience, love mum, dad, josh, nana ,Izzy and Rocky x x x x