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Monday, July 20

Intro to blog

Welcome to the BSES Arctic Kayaking 2009 Blog!

There are 31 Young Explorers (YEs) up here on the Loppa Peninsula and a dozen leaders (as well some Young Leaders who have their own blog here –

We have a laptop at our base camp and can send small emails via our satellite phones which is how you are reading this message.

Updates may be a little sporadic as we are all very busy expeditioning away from base camp but rest assured that all is well – the sun has not stopped shining on us (in the most literal sense) and the temperature is high; morale is good and activities thus far have been a huge success.

There are four “Fire” groups of YEs who will each take it turns to write the blog entries that you see below. Happy reading!

“Fire” Groups:
1. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Mountaineering first, kayaking second)
James O, James L, David, Rowan, Emma, Alex, Nahom, Will, Lucy

2. Drittunge (Mountaineering first, kayaking second)
Gabby, (Laura) Gribbs, Rose, Tasha, Katie, Laura, Callum and Alistair

3. The BBMT Crew (Kayaking first, mountaineering second)
Emma, Clem, Lizzy, Holly, Danielle, James, Trou and Nathan

4. Man Mountain (Kayaking first, mountaineering second)
Izzy, Luke, Peter, Rachael, Ruth and Sam

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