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Tuesday, August 11

Base Camp blog entry

Group: The Big Blue Mess Tent
Members: Holly, Emma, Trou, Lizzy, Danielle, James, Nathan

So, a lot has happened with our group since the last update. You can read about our activities in mountains in the blog entry above. Myself (Emma) and Clem are currently the only members at base camp (although Clem has actually been spending a lot of time with another Fire, Man Mountain), and the only members of our Fire taking a trek down culture alley (bring on the reindeer!).

Danielle, James and Holly are learning some snazzy kayaking manoeuvres for their third expedition; Lizzy, Trou and Nathan are being transported to the glacier for their third expedition.

I think what The Big Blue Mess Tent has learnt most is how to communicate and work with people. Maybe it’s because we are not so dissimilar after all, maybe it’s because we have some aspects in common. I don’t know to be honest. This is the philosophising rambles of a twenty year old, who has been away from civilisation far too long. I know I’m going to miss our Fire because of the things this Fire has taught me about myself, and other people.

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