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Tuesday, August 11



The third and final phase is now under way. The Fire groups have been split across three different activities which will take place over the last week. Once all the groups have departed, we will not be returning to base camp. The expedition will reconvene as a whole at a camp site near Alta for a final debrief, kit sort and barbecue before flying home. We don’t anticipate any further blog entries so we will see you at Gatwick!

Mountaineering Group
Itinerary: Up at 5am this morning, the third phase mountaineers hopped on the local ferry to take them around to Langfjord. The area was investigate by the second phase kayakers and a new glacial snout promised access to a second ice cap and the opportunity for some science in measuring the glacier’s location.

Kayaking Group
Itinerary: After a day’s advanced sea kayak training, the paddlers hope to head eastward around the peninsula. They will be continuing the science conducted in the first two phases and will capitalise on vehicle support to undertake a one-way journey from Oksfjord.

Cultural Trek Group
Members: Natasha, Gabby, Gribbs, Alistair, Sam, Rose, Katie, Emma, Rachael, Clem
Itinerary: This activity is organised by the Young Leaders from the Leadership Development Programme. The Young Explorers will be travelling back through Alta to the Finnmarksvidda where they will be trekking across the plateau to a Sami-run Reindeer Centre.

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  1. Very interesting article. And you have written it so well that I was feeling like I am also there and living the forth week.