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Tuesday, August 11

Kayaking Group 1 blog entry

Name: Drittunge
Members: Rose, Gabby, Katie, Tasha, Gribbs, Laura, Callum & Alistair

“Darling, it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea” Or at least it was until the tents were in it. That’s right, this week we’ve been kayaking.
Gabby has been keeping us going by singing delightfully. Rose has turned into a pirate and attacks any other kayak she sees. Tasha has put her mountaineering knotting skills to good use for tying our escapee boats up.
Katie has been out early everyday to try her hand at fishing but so far she’s only got one; not as good as Reg (who she is competing with) but he cheated by swapping one small one for two big ones with the other fire. Gribb’s has been lurking in the shadows in an attempt to hide from the sun. However, if chocolate is near she will be fighting you for it...

We are all still alive thanks to Laura’s light sleeping, which allowed her to wake us as our campsite flooded. Although Alistair still endeavours to eat us out of hearth and home, Callum and Alistair managed to catch a fish big enough for Alistair and the rest of us to share; Nahom (honorary member) even had a bite since he taught them how to gut it. Along with fish we have seen a variety of wildlife including white-tailed sea eagles, porpoises and a river otter and that was only on the surface. Gabby and Rose got to play scientists with a clever underwater camera but we only saw one sea urchin…plenty of (star)fish though!

P.S. Rob and Sheena, Tasha is really enjoying raisins and sultanas so if you could take some to the airport she would really appreciate it. From Rose 

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