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Tuesday, August 4

Blog Entry:
Written by: The BBMT Crew (The Big Blue Mess Tent Crew)
Members: Emma, Clem, Lizzy, Holly, Danielle, James, Trou and Nathan

After a very early start at the airport, we met the people we’d be spending the next month of our lives with. Two planes, two coach journeys, a ferry and a hike later, we were pitched at base camp, thoroughly enjoying the twenty four hour daylight as we desperately tried to sleep. At some point the next morning, after a “brief” chat from Mike, we split into our separate fires, ours quickly to become the Army Tent, due to the military majority of our group. We quickly discovered our roles in the group, mainly Danielle, or as we fondly know her, “Action Barbie” who can gut fish, fell trees, cook gorgeous dinners of corned beef with beans, all with a full face of make-up. Lizzy, Guide Extraordinaire, not only showing herself to be the group’s pyromaniac, is also fantastic when it comes to fixing and building tents and things with little more than gaffa tape and a smile. James and Nathan ‘s speciality is doing exactly what they are told by the girls, and never fail to be impressed by the weather, even though it’s stayed the same for two weeks now. Trou, a ‘true’ gentleman, the true-bear of the group; will help out whenever and wherever he’s needed, and makes it look like you’re the one doing him a favour. He also caught fresh fish for us all week, but didn’t relish keeping them between his legs in the boat. Emma has kept everyone entertained in troubled waters with renditions of most Disney musicals. It really had to be heard to be believed, but it kept a smile on everyone’s face throughout the trip. Clem , the baby of the group, not only keeps a smile on everyones face throughout the day (after she gets her morning hug) has grown up, and is really finding her independence on this trip. And finally, Holly has won the hearts of everyone here, one in particular, but has also shown her tough and rugged side (Grrr!!). We have been so lucky with the weather, no-one can believe they will be going home with a tan, and I think we have all discovered a secret love for kayaking, some more secret than others. Particular high points of the week were, Emma diving into the water between kayaks during training, the Clem’s birthday midnight paddle to see the sun. Kayaking a full day of 15km, the daily Mars Bar and the stunning weather in the fjords. James falling asleep to wake up covered by the tide, and of course, the inspirational leadership of Mike and Geli. Get a brew on!


  1. Just be grateful Emma is still on Disney, wait til she starts on Britney. And omg!, the Britney dance! Although on ice that could be quite spectacular...
    Good luck
    Emma's dad