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Tuesday, August 4

Blog Entry

Written by: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Members: James O, James L, David, Rowan, Emma, Alex, Nahom, Will, Lucy

Expertly guided by Mark Hickman, the Funky Bunch stormed their way up Arctic Nusvag’s most foreboding glacier in a day. On the way to this remarkable triumph, “the Bunch” as they have become known in elite mountaineering circles bivied (slept outside) on three consecutive nights enduring the extreme wind and Arctic conditions. Respite from this was provided by the phenomenon referred to as “spooning.” When not scaling glaciers of daunting height the Bunch have been regaled and comforted by Fire Leader Mark’s stories of times past, most notably being detained for espionage activities in Communist Russia. Glacial activities have kept most of the group cold and moist for the duration of the expedition, notable exceptions being Rowan who to her delight has managed to stay hot and sweaty throughout. David, on the other hand has found to his embarrassment the adverse effects of the arctic chill. Hopefully this problem and his intimate chafing will be short-lived when he dons his “tell no lies” dry suit in the coming weeks. Will “Willy” Gibson’s outstanding architectural achievements notably a wall and a leaky dam have survived his ration pack induced gale force winds. Lucy’s androgynous dress sense has endeared her to “the Bunch”, her Y-fronts a special highlight. Emma’s impeccable climbing has been in evidence and the admiration of her Fire the whole week. James “choir boy” Leadill’s harmless persona displayed at the briefing weekend has metamorphisised into Nahom’s “Fruits of intensive labour”. Nahom’s selfless nocturnal habits have been in evidence on many an occasion on this trip, his “one down one to go” Black Man Sandwich policy has typified his efforts to raise the moral tone of the fire. Alex “washboard abs” Bennion’s pink BJ Borg boxers have aroused James’ considerable interest on several occasions, we’ll keep you updated… James “gag and bag” Oldham’s majestic and much speculated trips to the little boys Room have been nothing but “leg” or legend to me and you!

The other Fires will send blog entries later in the week.


  1. Is this not an opportunity to articulate some of the wonder of discovering an untamed and fragile wilderness. All we get is a commentary on bodily emanations and an update on the state of the explorers foundation garments. Surely you can do better than this.

  2. Some photos would be good too! What projects are you doing??

  3. Are we likely to get any blog entries from the other fires as promised 'later in the week'. I dropped my particular 'young explorer' off for departure from Gatwick three weeks ago and I know that 'the group' arrived, but techinically I have had no actual confirmation that my 'young explorer' arrived safe and well and is taking part in the expedition. No mention in a blog, nothing. I just assume if I hear nothing all is well I suppose. But I had no idea how long three weeks (maybe four given the failure of the promised update to arrive)can seem. Just being able to see an individual name (I do not require detail) would be more than enough.