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Tuesday, August 4


Initial training complete, both the mountaineering and kayaking Fires set off for a one week expedition.

The mountaineers completed their move up to ABC and then pushed higher onto the moraine to bivy at 500m, just metres away from the ice of the glacial snout. Ice axe drills were carried out along with an introduction to crampon work and moving on a glacier. The entire team made it’s way up to the highest summit in Finnmark – a huge white snow dome on top of the ice cap – and, after three nights bivying, returned to base camp.

The kayakers set of on what was to be a 80 kilometre journey exploring the fjords east of our base camp area. This took them to remote areas and secluded beaches with wild camps. As company on this voyage of discovery they had numerous porpoise, otter, and the magnificent White Tailed Sea Eagle – an indicator of the remoteness of the environment and the riches of the Sea. Riches that would supplement the YE’s staple diet of ‘rat pack’. Science played a major part of the Sea kayak journey with over twenty drop camera stations completed recording sea bed data and rock pool biodiversity on behalf of the Norwegian Environment institute.

A real ‘mixed bag’ of weather meant that they experienced cold, wet, sunny and warm paddling conditions – each a challenge in its own right but in a land where it never gets dark (at least in the summer months!!) each took to this challenge in their own way and at their own pace.


  1. Hi. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. Hope everything else goes to plan and everyone stays safe and has a great time. Keep going everyone, especially Katie, Alistair and Callum. Send more updates!!!

  2. I'm guessing that Alistair & Co were part of the Kayaking expedition? Deperate for some individual news & maybe even a photo or two? Alistair your exam results are here, unopened & tormenting me ;-) !!!

  3. I quite agree, some individual news or a photo would be fab. Three weeks is a long time without any kind individual update. Hope you are having a great experience Sam. Ben says 'hi'.